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"Issues in Sport" Courseware

Issues in Sport is an online web-based college course which includes:

(1) 26 half-hour video programs from the Sports and Society Series
(2) 20 hours of tutorials and special topics (DVD)
(3) Source Book
(4) Study Guide
(5) Online laboratories in issues in sport
(6) Turnkey or customizable website, (
(7) Available weekly quizzes, final exam, web activities and web quests.

One of the best features of the Issues in Sport teleweb course is its flexibility.

Issues in Sport is a flexible educational platform that has been used as: a fully online self-contained internet course; a traditional on-site course with web support, an internet course with DVD support, and as a telecourse with web support.

Issues in Sport lends itself to several disciplines and has been adopted for use by various departments, including but not limited to: philosophy, sociology, physical education, journalism, and interdisciplinary studies.

Issues in Sport also adapts well to use at all college levels. Instructors have tailored it for use as: 1) a freshman/sophomore level introductory/survey course, 2) a senior level capstone course, and 3) a graduate level course.

Please contact us for information on using in your college or university.

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