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Philosophy Lab welcomes you to
"Issues in Sport"

    Sport provides an arena where social and ethical issues are on display. Our "Issues in Sport" college course materials examine social and ethical issues in sport throughout society. We have divided these issues into lessons of related topics. Each lesson explores sports issues through our Sports and Society video programs, Voices in Sports and Society source book, Issues in Sport Study Guide, Issues in Sport Internet site, and Issues in Sport Tutorial DVD. To find out more about the course, click on the links to the left.

    Lesson One: Introduction to Issues In Sports
    Lesson Two: Issues in Sport History and Sport's Foundations
    Lesson Three: Issues in Sport for Athletes and their Coaches
    Lesson Four: Issues in the Business of Sport
    Lesson Five: Issues in Youth Sports
    Lesson Six: Issues in Collegiate Sports
    Lesson Seven: Racial and/or Violence Issues in Sport
    Lesson Eight: Gender and Disability Issues in Sport
    Lesson Nine: International Issues in Sport
    Lesson Ten: Medical and Scientific Issues in Sport
    Lesson Eleven: Gambling and Sports Agents Issues in Sport
    Lesson Twelve: Media Issues in Sport
    Lesson Thirteen: Governmental Issues in Sport and Course Retrospective
    Let us know what additional issues in sport you would like us to examine or for further information, contact Philosophy Lab.

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