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"Issues in Sport" Tutorials and Special Topics

1. Issues in Sport Class Tutorials, Lessons 1 - 13 (podcasts with transcripts)

2. Issues in Sport Laboratory Tutorials, Lessons 1 - 13 (podcasts with transcripts)

3. Issues in Sport Special Edition Interviews:

  • Lee Roy Selmon, NFL Hall of Fame, Academic Alll-American, Athletic Director at the University of South Florida
  • Pete Young, Sports Journalist

4. Issues in Sport: Disability and Sport Issues with:

  • Ted Fay, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Coordinator of the Sports Management Program at SUNY/Courtland, Paralympic Skit Team Coach
  • Mary Humms, Ph.D., Associatae Professor of Sport Management at the University of Louisville, Indiana Softball Hall of Fame
  • Anita Moorman, J.D., Professor of Sports Law at the University of Louisville
  • Eli Wolff, Coordinator of the Disability Sport Research Initiative within the Center for the Study of Sport in Society at Northeastern University
  • Dave Marsh, J.D., Attorney and Paralympic Coach
  • Susan Brown Foster, Ph.D., Professor of Sports Management at Flagler University, International Goal Ball Referee

5. Aditional video on sports issues with:

  • a Keynote speech by David Stern, NBA Commissioner, NBA Cares;
  • an interview with Billy Jean King, Tennis legend and social activist;

  • Andy Dolich, President of Business Operations for the Memphis Grizzlies NBA Franchise;
  • Kathy Behrens, who handles the Community and Player Program for the NBA;
  • Delores Barr Weaver from the Jacksonville Jaguars Foundation and the Jaguars;

  • Ric Clarsen from the PGA tour;

  • Bernadette Mansur from the NFL;

  • Arthur Blank, Chairman, President and CEO, Atlanta Falcons NFL team;

  • Len Elmore, Senior Council LeBoeuf, Lamb, Green and McRae (Former college and professional basketball player) with Myles Brand, President, NCAA;

  • Julie Foudy, Former Captain US Women's National Soccer Team;

  • Rob Manfred, VP of Labor Relations and Human Resources, Major League Baseball;

  • Sean McManus President CBS, Ozzie Smith, Baseball Hall of Fame inductee

  • among others.

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